Microsoft Develops Its Own Google Chrome Internet Browser To Substitute Edge

Microsoft implemented Edge about three years ago as the default browser for its operating system and a more advanced replacement for Internet Explorer. Now, Microsoft develops its own Google Chrome Internet browser to substitute Edge. More specifically, the giant tech company plans to move its default Windows 10 browser to Chromium.

In an effort to improve web compatibility for Windows 10, Microsoft would announce its plans for a Chromium browser, according to The Verge tech news portal. Named Anaheim, the project which involves the substitution of Edge with Microsoft’s own Google Chrome browser was announced by Windows Central as a solution to solve out Edge’s web compatibility problems which forced businesses, as well as regular users, to ask Microsoft to improve its default Internet browser.

Until now, Microsoft has only come up with EdgeHTML as a response to the users’ demands. As Google Chrome is the most popular browser, at least at the moment, Microsoft adopted a different strategy.

Microsoft Develops Its Own Google Chrome Internet Browser To Substitute Edge

Since Android OS for mobiles has become popular, Google Chrome is the trendiest Internet browser for both smartphones and computers. Accordingly, site owners optimize their web pages for Chrome. Also, devs are creating more and more apps and extensions for Google Chrome.

As a consequence, Microsoft Edge has fallen behind, and Microsoft has never had an Internet browser as popular as Chrome since Internet Explorer 6. Accordingly, Microsoft plans to develop its own Google Chrome Internet browser to substitute Edge and match the demands of the online environment.

Bill Gate’s company would have adopted Chromium as the default browser for Windows for some time now, but Microsoft’s devs tried to build their browser. However, Edge is not very popular on desktops, and many Windows 10 users are choosing Google Chrome over it.

In the end, adopting Google Chrome for its Windows 10, Microsoft would put an end to the alleged hostility it held against Google and its most popular Internet browser.

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