Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Renders Leaked

Steve Hemmerstoffer, a renowned leaker, posted some Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus renders on his Twitter account. Evan Blass and IceUniverse, other two notorious leakers in the smartphone industry, challenged Steve’s disclosure.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Renders Leaked

“Guess who brings you the very first and early look at the 6.4-inch Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus? As usual, 360-degree video and official looking at 5K renders, plus dimensions,” wrote Steve Hemmerstoffer on his Twitter.

However, according to Steve Hemmerstoffer, the future Samsung’s flagship smartphone three cameras on the rear and two on the front, which contradicts the previous rumors that hinted for an Infinity-O display’with only one front-facing sensor.

According to Steve Hemmerstoffer, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the anniversary flagship smartphones of the South Korean company’s Galaxy series, would boast a horizontal triple rear-facing camera setup, accompanied by a single led flash.

Also, Galaxy S10 Plus would boast a curved display with some thin top and bottom bezels, according to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus renders leaked on the Internet by Steve Hemmerstoffer.

Evan Blass and IceUniverse Challenged Steve Hemmerstoffer’s Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Renders Leak

“I think everyone knows what to expect with Steve’s material. It’s always going to be from the same source and always rendered from CAD by CConceptCreator. It’s going to be mostly accurate, generally speaking, with numerous smaller flaws inherent in the DIY process,” wrote Evan Blass on his Twitter account.

“If it is true, then the side bezel of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will reach 3.5mm or more (S9 Plus had only 2.05mm), close to iPhone XS, I don’t believe Samsung will make this design,” also said IceUniverse on his Twitter profile.

Evan Blass suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would boast smaller bezels and a wider screen in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, released this year. On the other hand, Steve Hemmerstoffer’s leaks suggest that S10 Plus would come out with USB Type-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Snapdragon 8150 processor.

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