AT&T Suggests That Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Is Coming In 2019

5G technology is on its way, and most manufacturers are working on devices support for the fifth generation of mobile networks. According to an AT&T announcement, a 5G Galaxy Note 10 is on its way. AT&T announced that a second Samsung 5G-capable smartphone will be released in 2019.

While this announcement got our attention, the company refused to offer any additional details. We do know that the device will be a handset and it was confirmed that it will support 5G connectivity based on both sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrum frequencies.

Part of the Galaxy Note lineup

All clues seem to suggest that the handset will be a Galaxy Note. That is because this is the Samsung flagship series that receives a refresh in the last half of a year. In addition to that, we expect 5G devices to be part of a flagship in the upcoming years.

5G technology is very expensive and it requires an infrastructure that is not complete yet. Therefore, in the first years 5G will be mostly used by tech lovers. It will take more time until this technology will be fully implemented.

There were already plenty of rumours which seemed to suggest that a 5G version of the Galaxy smartphone is on its way. Initially, it was believed that the device will be launched just in South Korea, Samsung’s original country. However, the latest news confirm that the handset will be available in west countries as well.

It is hard to avoid leaks when you are a company as large as Samsung. If we take a look at latest reports, it is hard to believe that Samsung is working on a different device that will offer 5G support.

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