Fallout 76 Customer Names And Contact Details Leaked Due To A Bethesda Error

Fallout 76 has been a disappointment for the fans of the franchise since the game’s first days in the market. Now, it’s getting worse for Bethesda as, due to an error, the company leaked Fallout 76 customer names and contact details, among others.

The private data leak occurred last night when, because of an internal issue, Bethesda support system started to send users the support tickets of other customers, which included usernames, names, addresses, and other contact details.

“I am receiving other people’s support tickets on my Bethesda account. I have many people receipts for power armor set that includes their email & home address and the type of card used. This is not good, right?” warns a Twitter user, Jessie¬†Tracy.

So far, the majority of complaints regarded Fallout 76 support tickets, but there were also some users that asked Bethesda for help on other issues and received other people’s support tickets.

Fallout 76 Customer Names And Contact Details Leaked Due To A Bethesda Error

“We experienced an error with our customer support website that allowed some customers to view support tickets submitted by a limited number of other customers during a brief exposure window. Upon discovery, we immediately took down the website to fix the error,” Bethesda wrote on Twitter.

“We are still investigating the incident and will provide additional updates as we learn more. During the incident it appears that the user name, name, contact information, and proof of purchase information provided by a limited number of customers on their support ticket requests, may have been viewable by other customers accessing the customer support website for a limited time, but no full credit card numbers or passwords were disclosed. We plan to notify customers who may have been impacted,” the creators of Fallout 76 added in a statement.

“Bethesda takes the privacy of our customers seriously, and we sincerely apologize for this situation,” Bethesda concluded.

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