Google Allo To Be Shut Down Soon

Google has been trying to come up with a reliable instant messaging app since the beginning of this trend on Android and iOS. However, it seems a difficult task for the giant Internet company to compete with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, among others. All Google’s chat applications are doomed, and the last of them is Google Allo which will shut down soon.

Eight months ago, Google, via Anil Sabharwal, Vice President of Chrome, Comms, and Photos at Google, announced that it stops investing money in Google Allo because the app is not as popular as the company expected.

Even more, some of the app’s users complained about poor performance and many, annoying bugs that make sending messages impossible, hearting posts disappearing, and many more. All that, apparently, forced Google to decide to shut down the Google Allo project. While we don’t know yet if the giant Internet company is working on a more performant instant messaging app, that would be the correct move, whatsoever.

Google Will Shut Down Its Google Allo App Soon

“The strategy behind Allo was ‘let’s build a really great consumer messaging product really from the ground up,'” admitted Sabharwal in discussion with the tech news portal The Verge. “Its fewer than 50 million users made Sabharwal’s frank admission that Allo had ‘not achieved the level of traction that we’d hoped for’ entirely unsurprising,” as The Verge reported.

While the shut down of Google Allo is not a shocker since Google put the project on pause several times before, the giant Internet company also plans to halt Hangouts “classic.” However, Google plans to turn Hangouts into two independent apps, named Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

Also, the company is planning a significant update for its Messages application, wishing to make this one the successor of both Google Allo and Hangouts “classic.”

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