Pokemon Go Finally Gets Trainer Battles

It is true, Pokemon is a very popular game, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll catch them in no time. Do you have to destroy the other players to be the very best, right? You can do that now, as Pokemon recently added the trainer battles.

Niantic made the announcement this month, two years after the game was officially launched. Players are hyped about this feature and we think it’s the best decision the company has ever made.

It’s more or less like Pokemon Red and Blue

This new feature won’t be about the fights you remember for Pokemon Red and Blue. However, they will be familiar to all those users that have taken part in Pokemon GO’s Raid and Gym battles. Some details were released today, and it seems that the trainer battles will happen in real time, so no more players taking turns. It’s been also said that there will be restricted teams of three Pokemon, and no 6, as we were used to handling the game.

For a fast attack

Just as in the Rain and Gym Battles, players will have to tap fast on the screen to use Pokemon’s Fast Attack. This also builds up their Charged Attack meter, which lets the player to trigger an even more powerful Charged Attack. However, you need to keep in mind that trainer battles will add an extra Charged Attack that will be unlocked with Stardust and Candy. Players will be allowed to deploy a Protect Shield certain amount of time during the battle. As per a report, you won’t be able to revive and potions are not available during battles, but Pokemon will get its full health after the battle has ended.

In order to battle, players will have to scan a Battle Code on your opponent’s game, so you can only fight those who are physically close to you.

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