Borderlands 3 Details Leaked On YouTube And Revealed All Four Character Classes

Unfortunately, Borderlands 3 was not presented at The Game Awards 2018, as some rumors indicated. However, some new Borderlands 3 details leaked, revealing all four character classes, thanks to TheKnow YouTube channel, who exclusively offered the latest information on the title in a video.

Borderlands 3 Details Leaked To Reveal All Four Character Classes

As I’ve mentioned above, TheKnow, which a favorite YouTube channel, appreciated for its video-games-related news, revealed more details on what we should expect from Borderlands 3 when it arrives on the market.

The guys from TheKnow, who announced that they have exclusive information on the next title of the franchise, presented all four character classes that would come into the game.

Accordingly, Borderlands 3 boasts Soldier, Beastmaster, Assassin, and Siren as character classes. The Soldier class can summon a mech suit, while the Beastmaster would be the equivalent of the Hunter class found in the first title of the series so that it would control three animals at once. Also, the Assassin class can summon a decoy to get an advantage in his missions, while the Siren would be the same melee-based character like before.

For more details on the four character classes in Borderlands 3, you can watch the Borderlands 3 leaks presented by TheKnow in their video.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

Recently, some rumors indicated that Borderlands 3 might be announced officially during The Game Awards 2018. However, the event passed without a single word on the next title of the Borderlands series.

In reality, we don’t even know many details about the future Borderlands 3, so we’re grateful that the folks from TheKnow channel on YouTube revealed more info about some of the features of the next title in the franchise.

According to some old rumors which emerged on the Internet during the summer, Borderlands 3 would come out in the fiscal year 2019, meaning that the Borderlands 3 release date might happen anytime until September 2019.

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