“Far Cry New Dawn” Gameplay Unveiled By Ubisoft

After some leaks emerged on the Internet, Ubisoft revealed the gameplay of the upcoming “Far Cry New Dawn,” a spin-off game based on the last Far Cry title, the fifth in the franchise. The storyline of “Far Cry New Dawn” is set after the events in Far Cry 5.

“Far Cry New Dawn” Gets A Comprehensive Seven-Minute Long Gameplay Video

Even though the announcement trailer that Ubisoft presented initially revealed a vast open world in “Far Cry New Dawn” but not any raw gameplay, thanks to Game Informer we have a new, more comprehensive gameplay trailer than that originally unveiled by Ubisoft.

In the “Far Cry New Dawn” gameplay video posted by Game Informer on YouTube, we have more than seven minutes of gameplay footage in 4K, which presents the most significant new features of the next installment in the popular franchise.

About “Far Cry New Dawn”

In Far Cry 5, there were different endings, plus a secret alternate ending. However, the action in “Far Cry New Dawn” takes place 17 years after the global nuclear catastrophe that ended Far Cry 5. Luckily, not everyone died in the nuclear holocaust and some of those who survived it in Hope County, Montana, where Far Cry 5 takes place, divided into two groups, each with its own rules and agenda.

In this post-apocalyptic landscape, a crew of outlaws, headed by twin sisters Mickey and Lou, is rambling from place to place stealing resources and killing everyone who stands before them. Now they are in Hope County, and the gamers would have to coop with locals to fight against this group dubbed as The Highwaymen.

“Far Cry New Dawn” Release Date

“Far Cry New Dawn” will come out on February 15th, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Even though the idea to bring a sequel to Far Cry 5 is excellent, the focus would not be any more on The Father and the other events in that game.

Even more, after watching the “Far Cry New Dawn” gameplay video, some fans of the series said it looks like “Mad Max, but with grass,” or like Rage 2.

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