‘Final Fantasy 15’ DLC Episodes: Which Character Is Going to Get the New DLC Episodes?

Final Fantasy 15 comes with great surprises, even after the release of the Royal and Windows editions. The game’s developer, Square Enix has revealed even more details about the downloadable content, which is going to be released in 2019.

We’ve written this article to give you some more details on this matter.

What should we expect?

Some of you already know that an Episode Ardyn is going to happen soon. It’s also known as The Conflict of the Sage, and the DLC episode is supposed to give us more details about the story of Ardyn. But not only about Ardyn, but also about Lucius and their storyline.

It’s worth mentioning that at 2018’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East, the developer Square Enix stated that even more DLC episodes are scheduled for releases, besides Episode Ardyn’s convenience.

Aside from Ardyn’s DLC episode, we’re also going to get one for  Aranea – which is also known as The Beginning of the End, which is going to show Niflheim’s side of the story that happened during the Starscourge. However, her episodes might not be as extensive as the others are.

Then, there’s Episode Lunafreya, also known as The Choice of Freedom. Some say that Lunafreya was used as a plot part in the main story of the game which means that this is such great news for fans. The DLC episode will show more of Lunafreya’s responsibility as the Oracle, and her efforts in being support for Noctis in his own missions.

There will also be a DLC episode for Noctis, also known as The Final Strike. Being one of the main characters, it will make it interesting to see a new outlook on the character and the game.

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