Final Fantasy XV: How to Get Access to Regalia Type-D in Chapter 14

The game Final Fantasy XV  has become so popular, that Regalia can be accessed towards the end of the story. Many people will be taken by surprise when they’ll see that the Regalia, or, to be more exact, its counterpart (the off-road one), Regalia Type-D can be controlled in Final Fantasy XV PC and in the Chapter 14 of the Royal Edition.

How to access Regalia in Chapter 14

As a general rule, the Regalia can be found in almost all the chapters of the game Final Fantasy XV. Chapter 14 represents an exception, because of the fact that Noctis and his comrades traverse their journey by foot. The exploration is limited to Hammerhead and the Insomnia Ruins. Even if this happens, Regalia can still be accessed in Chapter 14.

First of all, you need to ensure yourself that you’ve made all the Regalia sidequests. After this, you need to seek Talcott, whom you’ll find in the Glaive Base. Keep in mind that Talcott only appears after you’ve completed all the Regalia sidequests. Talcott will give you a quest and a key of a garage, where you’ll find the Regalia Type-D Replica.

However, it’s not that easy to get access just by using this hack in Chapter 14. For you to get the Regalia Type-D, you’ll have to load a saved game from Chapter 15. After that, you must use Umbra to travel back in time, to Hammerhead and the Glaive Base.

We also have some news regarding future DLCs. We’ve all heard of an Episode Ardyn, his side of the story, his history with the Lucis Caelum line – there will be even more DLC episodes to be released in 2019.


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