GTA V’s Take-Two Wants Damages from Cheaters – About $150,000

It seems that Rockstar’s parent company, which is Take-Two Interactive has filed a motion – default judgment – against the creator of the “Elusive” GTA V cheat. Apparently, the cheat has caused harm, and they ask for a $150,000 compensation, which is the maximum sum when it comes to copyright infringement.

Last year, many copyright infringement lawsuits happened, against cheaters or (even worse) cheat makers.

The company behind ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, which is called Take-Two Interactive Software, is one of the parts involved. They have filed many lawsuits in the US (and abroad), with a focus on alleged cheaters.

The Jhonny Perez case

In August, the company targeted Jhonny Perez, from Florida, and they accused him of copyright infringement by making and sharing a cheating tool. The software is known as “Elusive,” and it’s used to cheat, thing that interferes with other’s gameplay. In other words, the defendant is free to get TakeTwo’s intellectual property in order to sell the product that restricts the gameplay that the Take-Two company created for its players.

It’s true, the defendant did it for money, and, according to the company, it sold “Elusive” for prices from $10 to $30 – it really depended on the package. Those who wanted to buy could’ve paid through PayPal, but Amazon gift cards or Steam were also accepted.

We don’t know for sure how much money was made in the entire process, but before filing the lawsuit, the company requested the detailed financial records from Jhonny Perez, because they didn’t want to go to court, but reach a settlement. Perez did not give them the info they wanted and even stopped responding at some point. Because of that, Take-Two decided to go to court.

According to the company, they lost about $500,000 because of cheaters.

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