‘Kingdom Hearts 3’: When Is It Going to Be Released?

We are still waiting for a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. Up until this point, we’ve seen about three hints about the release date. Could it be November?

When’s the release date?

According to a report, a retail listing from Target seems to know the truth about the release date. According to the official Target site, the game is going to be available from the 1st of November 2018. We’re yet not to believe it since Square Enix hasn’t really made an official statement to announce the official release date. Some believe that the company will reveal the date at Electronic Entertainment Expo, that will take place in June.

Also, releasing the game a little bit before the time frame seems to be a bit tricky since it puts the game in direct rivalry with another brand new game that just got released: Red Dead Redemption 2. It hit the market on the 26th of October, this year. So releasing the game immediately after another one was released seems to be a bit far-fetched.

Is there going to be a new world?

We have heard this theory more than once. That new world is supposed to be Disney’s Frozen. A source found out file names from a File Transfer Protocol server. It’s true, we only know the name, and people started to make assumptions. They were leaked, and one of them showed the “FR02” file name, together with some icicle files. This theory has been here for a while now, so the leak just started to back up the theory.

Another file was found under the name “PO,” and it’s supposed to be a reference to Winnie the Pooh.

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