Borderlands 3 Character Art Reportedly Leaked

Last week, we expected to see Borderlands 3 at The Game Awards 2018. However, the game didn’t make it to the before-mentioned event, but soon after that a popular YouTube channel specialized in video games revealed the first information about the upcoming title in the renowned franchise. Now, Borderlands 3 character art reportedly leaked.

Posted on Reddit, the newly leaked Borderlands 3 character art is the second information about the game we receive in less than four days, hinting that something might be happening soon. According to this most recent leak, three different characters have been revealed, and they seem in-line with the character classes presented right after The Game Awards 2018.

The before-mentioned previous leak, revealed on YouTube, presented the character classes of the future Borderlands 3, namely, “Beastmaster, Soldier with Titan Mech (Iron Bear, Bot Jock), the Assassin that uses gadgets who is presumably The Operative, and the Siren, which is the only class not featured,” as reported by ComicBook.

Borderlands 3 Character Art Reportedly Leaked

In the most recent leak, Borderlands character art emerged on Reddit. However, you should take them with a grain of salt because they might be fake or just some leftover art from the game’s teaser of a couple of days ago.

If indeed the leaked Borderlands 3 character art is made after the recently revealed character classes in the future title of the franchise, then it’s an astonishing job.

As for the Borderlands 3 release date, we have nothing official, but some reports suggest that the game might come out somewhen during 2019. If that’s indeed accurate, we might get something official on the game pretty soon, and we indeed hope that to happen as Borderlands 3 appears to be a promising sequel in the series.

Borderlands 3 would come out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Also, there is the possibility that the devs might keep the game for the next-gen consoles, meaning that it would come out in 2020.

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