Battlefield V: The Game Is Half Off with This New Discount

Battlefield V is on sale again, but it has a catch: it’s meant only for those who already have some other Battlefield games in their libraries. The game is set during World War II and comes with a 64-player multiplayer – so we think it’s going to be the best Battlefield game so far.

When users played Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4, they have met a popup that showed there’s a discount for Battlefield V. We’re talking about a half-off discount, that is here until the 20th of December. However, you need to keep in mind that it’s only for the “loyal series fans,” as the message showed. If you think you can do this, Battlefield V is your game. As players of the game, you can save 50% on the Deluxe Edition. You can go and claim your discount right now.

The game is still priced at $60, which means that you’ll pay 30 for the Standard Edition with the Deluxe Edition that’s also on sale.

The game was released in the 20th of November, so this discount comes just weeks after its official release date. After Black Friday, the game was set at the price of $30; however, due to the fact that it was recently released, they couldn’t go lower than that, not even for Cyber Monday.

How long until the discount is off?

This discount is scheduled to last for a bit more of the time, until the 20th of December, but you need to make up your mind and see if you really want the game or not. The game may not be perfect (it may actually be full of bugs, but they’re still working on it). Some war stories were not put in the light as they were supposed to. There are also some difficulties with the multiplayer.

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