Borderlands 3 Recent Leaks and Character Informations

Several years have passed since the last Borderlands game was released and fans are getting really anxious to see a new version of their favourite entertainment mode. During this year’s Game Awards, developers might have slipped a teaser about the potential launch of Borderlands 3, but so far we don’t know anything about it.

After this intriguing episode, we finally seem to have some news about the new game’s character concept. Hot rumours claim that someone might know something about the characters which will be seen in Borderlands 3. This idea is supported by a Reddit user’s initiative to leak an image based on concept art about the ”people” from the awaited game.

Borderlands 3 is currently under development, but we don’t know what consoles will introduce it

Borderlands 3 is still in the concept stage, because developers are working on it as we speak. This could be the reason why they don’t seem so willing to share more information about the characters, features, scenario and others. However, thanks to the generous Redditor, fans could see the game’s potential characters.

Based on the mentioned leak, we had the chance to meet “The Beastmaster,” “The Bot Jock” and “The Operative”. These characters match the other games’ idea, so we could actually see them in Borderlands 3 when it appears. If we were to analyse them, we would notice that each of them has a correspondent in the classes introduced by the previous game:

  • “The Beastmaster” Beast Master class and gives users the possibility to have different pets;
  • “The Operative” is part of the Assassin class;
  • “The Bot Jock” belongs to the Soldier class and it looks like this character will be able to summon a Titan mech coming from the sky.

Players still remain anxious to know what the fourth character from Borderlands 3 will be. We will have to wait and see what the game brings. Maybe we will soon find out more.

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