Xender Is More Than The Best File Sharing App

There is no doubt that Xender is the best app for file sharing and backup. Dubbed as the fastest app for sharing files, Xender is much more than that as it boasts some features that make it useful for other tasks than file transferring.

In case you’re sharing a lot with your contacts, then Xender is the best app for you, and you’ll soon find out why Xender is much more than a simple file sharing application for Android, iOS, and PCs, as well.

Xender Is The Fastest File Sharing App For Android and iOS

Regarding its primary purpose, file sharing, Xender is the best you’ll find on the Internet. To make it smooth and straightforward, the devs behind Xender are always bringing new updates with features and improvements.

Xender allows users to share any types of files within minutes.

Xender Comes With A Built-In Multimedia Player

Xender file sharing app is also coming out with a multimedia player that allows users to play music files and videos without leaving the application. Besides the fact that Xender can play all music and video file formats, the popular app is also permitting its users to download music and video, as well as movies and TV series.

Smartphone Cloning Is The Backup Feature Xender Boasts

Besides sharing files at high speeds between devices, regardless of the platform they run on, be it Android, iOS, or Windows, Xender also offers a smartphone cloning feature that permits users to back up their devices.

The so-called “Smartphone replication” feature is useful for those users who bought a new device and want to transfer all their data on the new smartphone.

In conclusion, Xender is not only the best file sharing app for Android, iOS, and other platforms, but is also a multimedia player and music and videos downloader, all in one.

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