Galaxy S10 to be the last Samsung Smartphone with a Headphone Jack

Over the past months the Samsung community has been shaken by some unexpected news – the South Korean giant might lose the Galaxy S10’s smartphone jack. This initiative wasn’t received well by fans, because they don’t really appreciate a completely wireless Galaxy. Also, they resented the idea that their favourite mobile company might ’’steal’’ their competitors’ idea.

Apple was the first mobile company which gave up on the headphone jack since 2016, when iPhone 7 and 7+ were introduced. Even in their case this decision was contested, but they didn’t give in, as we can see when we look at their new devices.

Samsung didn’t remove the headphone jack in Galaxy S10, but it looks like their future devices won’t have it anymore

The South Korean company considered the fans feedback and decided not to remove the headphone jack from Samsung Galaxy S10. Their final call could be determined by their high expectations connected to the smartphone’s evolution and sales level.

However, the company’s latest releases are consistent to the idea that the company is planning to become completely wireless in the future. We can conclude this if we look at A8, a smartphone recently announced by the South Korean giant.

Galaxy A8 is a premiere also. It is the first phone produced by Samsung which will come with Infinity-O display, but this is not the only intriguing fact. A8 is also the first Galaxy smartphone that won’t have the 3.5mm headphone jack.

This is the most controversial part: why would Samsung release a headphone jack-less smartphone when they said that this idea was dropped? Until we find the answer to this question, all we can do is wait. On the other hand, those who are anxious to see the long-awaited Galaxy S10 don’t have any reason to worry – this phone will come with a headphone jack.

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