Minecraft Pocket Edition: Tips And Tricks

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a popular video game. Evidently, Minecraft is tremendously popular and has a truly exceptional gaming community. After all, getting more than several hundred millions downloads worldwide for its mobile version is not something that every mobile app is achieving.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is a portable version of the popular exploration and adventure title with a very retro look, you can choose between two game modes, namely creative mode and survival mode.

In the latter, you won’t have any initial resources or infinite resources, so you’ll have to search for them in the in-game world on your own. The most sought-after resources are minerals, which are the basis for creating the best weapons and armor.

Sometimes, Minecraft Pocket Edition might seem challenging, too difficult to complete or continue your game. Thus, here you have some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition tips and tricks.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Tips And Tricks

  • Put torches on furnaces and tables – Once you have a transparent block, placed behind the counter before the game begins, you have to ditch the solid blocks around the crafting furnace, and then put the torches;
  • Place torches under falling gravel – That would occur when the gravel and sand fall, as you require to keep the torch in your hands and break the low sand block, and, .as the sand block is breaking, insert the torch below it as fast as you can;
  • Keep in mind that wooden slabs are not damaged by the fire, so they are possessing a higher blast resistance in comparison with wooden planks;
  • Ladders and several signs are stopping the water and lava, so they can be useful when talking about mob spawners and secret underwater rooms;
  • Use bow and arrows to break boats and minecarts, so that you’ll get droplets as usual, along with a minecart;

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