ShowBox Alternatives: 4 Apps to Choose After ShowBox

We’ve all heard of ShowBox and its features since it’s the most known streaming app. However, some time ago, it stopped working. Many believe it might be shut down for good. Also, they’re looking for an alternative, because, let’s be honest, we need movies and tv shows. We’ve written this article to give you some alternatives for this app.

Playbox HD

This is one of the best alternatives that you can find on the internet, and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. It has a similar interface to ShowBox, and it has simple menus and categories to search what you want to watch. The best part is that it is free to use. There’s only HD content there.

Megabox HD

This one is only available for Android devices. It has mostly HD content, but you can choose between 360p and 720p – it depends on your internet connection. It’s true, it’s not as popular as ShowBox, but it has many movies. You can install it the same way you did with ShowBox – first, you get the APK, then proceed.

Popcorn Time

This is the most popular alternative to ShowBox. However, due to the pressure from Hollywood studios, it was shut down in 2015. But do not worry, since it made his way back to us, and it’s available for Android, macOS, Windows and even Android TV. It lets you customize the interface and choose the language. Some people have complained that the app crashes out of nowhere.

Sky HD

This one is better than the last ones, but it’s not free. We get why you won’t be interested in this app – you didn’t pay for ShowBox, why would you pay for Sky HD? This app comes with great quality, and you have unlimited access to TV shows and movies.

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