Cydia Store, The App Store For iPhone Jailbreak Community, Has Shut Down

Cydia Store has been an essential tool for the iPhone jailbreak universe since it emerged online. While the iOS jailbreak was giving users access to features, files, and settings that otherwise would not have been available on iPhone and iPad devices, Cydia Store was practically an aggregator of all the apps that were taking advantage of those new functions. Unfortunately, Cydia Store shut down.

Jay Freeman, known online as “Saurik,” was the only person who has been sustaining Cydia Store since it appeared. Now, he came out and announced the iPhone jailbreak community that he shut down the possibility for users to use Cydia Store for downloading and installing jailbreak apps.

According to Jay “Saurik” Freeman, he was already planning to terminate the Cydia Store project by the end of 2018. However, the announcement came immediately after the disclosure of a critical security vulnerability within the Cydia Store.

Cydia Store, The App Store For iPhone Jailbreak Community, Has Shut Down Support For Paid Apps

Users can still use Cydia Store to download free apps for their jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Also, those who already bought apps or iOS jailbreak tweaks can still use them or download new versions.

So, Cydia Store has only shut down the support for paid apps. It seems that the closure of this function on the popular app store for the iPhone jailbreak community was due to a vulnerability that would have allowed malware to make unauthorized purchases via PayPal in the names of the users logged in on Cydia Store.

According to “Saurik,” no user was affected by the vulnerability, but his decision to shut down Cydia Store has nothing to do with that bug. As he said, Cydia Store is too costly to maintain, and the revenues it generates are not enough for him to cover the expenses of the app store.

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