Final Fantasy 16: Here Is What We Hope To See In The Next Instalment

Final Fantasy is one of the most successful video game franchises and its fan community remains active. While players had to wait quite a lot for Final Fantasy 15, the wait was worth it. However, fans are already looking forward to play the next instalment: Final Fantasy 16. Here are our expectations for this game.

Improving the character

Since the storyline is very important for the Final Fantasy franchise, we would love to see characters that are better developed. Obviously, there were many memorable main characters, but many fans felt that the side characters could use a little development. In addition to that, it would be nice to see more female characters in Final Fantasy 16.

Enhanced Open World Experience

The fact that Final Fantasy 15 offered players the open world experience was a big plus. In the next game we are looking forward to see some improvements for that. Bringing open world was a great move, but there were still some minor errors that could be fixed.


Old fans know that the franchise switched from the traditional combat system to something more modern and dynamic. In the upcoming game it would be nice to see these two combine. This would allow the combat system to evolve and it would definitely make the game even more interesting.

Release date

Speculating about what is next is easy, but we don’t know for sure when we will have a chance to see whether our expectations will come true. That is because there is no release date for Final Fantasy 16. In fact, Square Enix hasn’t even confirmed that the game is in development. However, we are certain that Final Fantasy will have a successor. If we were to guess, a 2019 release seems likely.

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