Google Maps – Install The Latest 10.6.1 version

Google Maps is arguably the most popular app for navigation. Google releases updates constantly. The current version is 10.6.1. It is important to keep your app up to date. Each update comes with bug fixes and improvements. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your application works properly, you need to install every update as soon as it appears. In addition to that, new versions can also come with new features.

If you own an Android phone and you don’t want to wait until the update becomes available on Google Play Store, you can download the APK for it. Once you do that you can use a file manager to install it on your device. Just make sure that you enabled downloads from unknown sources. You can do that from settings.

The Google Maps app

The Google Maps to navigate almost anywhere in the world. At the moment there are more than 220 countries and territories available on the map. More than that, Google Maps also displays points of interest. This means that you will be able to see all the businesses in an area when you look at it.

The application lets you discover new places and events. When you check an area you can see which places are trending as well as new locations that are opening. It is also very simple to prepare a trip with your group of friends. You can create a list of options and everyone can vote in real-time.

The app added real-times updates, which are very useful for drivers. You will be the first one to know if there is traffic in an area, and you will be able to avoid accidents. Google Maps also offers real-time transit information so that you will never lose your train or bus again.


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