Legal Matters Might Still Happen if you are Using Showbox or Similar Apps

Showbox is one of the most popular apps from the world. A lot of people found out that it provides free access to the latest movies and awesome TV shows, so they started using it and were very happy about their choice. However, since the end of November, the app started to show signs of malfunctioning. It went down, then it went back on and the story repeated for a few times, making users write a lot of negative reports.

As if the app’s problems weren’t enough, developers didn’t provide any logical explanation about the matter until recently. Through a post on social media, they mentioned that legal matters went to the shutting the platform down. Even if the app is back on now, people started to look for alternatives and downloaded tools like Popcorn Time, Cinemabox, Playbox HD, Megabox HD, Sky HD and others.

Experts advise us not to use Showbox or its alternatives because all these apps are illegal

Like we mentioned before, legal issues went to shutting Showbox and Moviebox (its iOS correspondent) down for a few times in such a short while. The situation is similar in case you decide to use other apps with the same profile. Legal experts advise use to avoid using these kinds of tools because they enable free access to a content which normally has to be paid.

The unauthorized use of copyright protected material could get a person into a lot of trouble. Apps like Showbox use torrents and other direct sources to stream content and this is not legal. The Google Play or App store doesn’t support these APKs and it’s no wonder, because they don’t want to encourage online illegal activity.

Besides, you could get viruses or other malware into your phone if you download apps which are not included into the official store. Others might use these intruders to steal your personal data.

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