Lucky Patcher And GameGuardian Can Go Hand In Hand

Lucky Patcher and GameGuardian are two apps with two different purposes. While Lucky Patcher allows users to manipulate paid apps to work in full version, GameGuardian is focusing only on mobile games and permits users to search and replace in-game stuff such as the number of coins, inventory items, life points, and so on.

Lucky Patcher Features

Lucky Patcher is eliminating license checks, while it also removes in-game ads. Also, Lucky Patcher can modify associated permissions of the applications, unlock paid apps, and extract the APK of any installed app to backup.

In short, Lucky Patcher allows you to run paid apps without paying a dime. However, such a feat is not legal at all and strongly violates the policies of Google. Accordingly, you can’t find Lucky Patcher on Google Play Store, so you’ll have to rely on APK sites to download and install the app. Therefore, you can’t be 100 percent sure you won’t also install a malware, along with Lucky Patcher.

GameGuardian Features

GameGuardian is focusing exclusively on mobile games. This app allows you to search within a running game the values that you’d want to replace. Accordingly, you can add more in-game coins, inventory items, or lives. That would only work when you’re actually running a game.

While some of Game Guardian’s functions are altering the in-app purchases features of a mobile game, its primary purpose is to allow users to cheat and get some extra advantage within a specific game, such as more coins or inventory items.

Lucky Patcher And GameGuardian Can Go Hand In Hand

I’m neither promoting pirating paid apps (because some people put some work into that application), nor cheating in games (because a game, no matter how hard it is, should be played as it is as that’s what makes it challenging and fun), but for those of you who would like to try a paid application before buying it, here’s something interesting.

Lucky Patcher is the perfect app for removing license checks, while, on the other hand, GameGuardian allows users to trial more of what a specific game is offering, by either adding more coins for buying new stuff or new inventory items.

Lucky Patcher and GameGuardian can go hand in hand, but they are both not legal apps to be used, especially when playing multiplayer mobile games online.

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