Popular Minecraft Server Creators Announce a New Game

Hypixel Studios rose to fame after they created one of the most popular Minecraft servers. The studios have recently announced a collaboration with Riot Games that will result in the publishing of a new game called Hytale.

The developers aim to offer a sandbox RPG experience with mini-games, procedurally generated maps that will keep the gameplay fresh, dedicated community servers and a host of other interesting features, among which we can count the possibility to watch movies inside the game with other players.

The game uses a beautiful voxel design that shows the Minecraft influence. Hypixel became famous after their fan server gathered more than 14 million active players, an achievement that was formally acknowledged when the studio attained four Guinness World Records, including the one for the most popular independent server.  Fan donations allowed them to start the work on Hytale but despite the best efforts it became obvious that the studio will require additional funds in order to maintain the high level of quality while also keeping the scale of the project intact.

They decided to approach Riot Games earlier in 2016 as they sought valuable advice from a modding team that made a seamless transition to a successful studio. After they received the advice the project continued to develop. As Riot observed the progress they decided that the project has potential and the decided to invest in the fledgling studio. Other high-ranking developers like Rob Pardo, of Blizzard fame, were fascinated by the concept and decided to contribute to the project.

In a post on its official blog Hypixel acknowledged that the various contributions allowed the studio to refine the ideas and mechanics that will be featured in the final version of the game.

The game will enter the beta stage in the following months. While the game is currently being developed for PC and Mac the developer may release it for other platforms in the future.

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