Half-Life 3 And A Valve VR Headset Might Indeed Happen After All

Half-Life 3 (the name is not confirmed) will eventually come out bundled with the new Valve VR headset and the “Knuckles” controllers, according to a new report. An image with the Valve VR headset emerged on Imgur suggesting that Valve is working on its own VR equipment.

Until now, the HTC Vive VR headset was the brainchild of a partnership between HTC and Valve. However, if the report is accurate, then Valve is thinking to come up with its own VR headset with SteamVR sensors, headphones, and dual camera setup.

Also, other reports indicated that Valve is indeed working on a VR headset with an increased field of view. By doing that, along with calibrating frame rate, refresh rate, and high resolutions to the perfect combination, Valve is willing to come up with a device that would force users mind to believe that what it sees in virtual reality is, in fact, closer to reality.

Half-Life 3 And A Valve VR Headset Might Indeed Happen After All

As some reports tend to confirm the Valve VR headset, others also discussed Half-Life 3. Accordingly, Half-Life 3, or at least that’s how we’ll call the game until Valve comes out with an official announcement on it, would come out after all bundled with that new Valve VR headset.

However, Valve might just release a Half-Life VR version based on any of the titles the company launched already. We don’t yet know if the upcoming game in the popular FPS franchise would be a sequel to the previous game, Half-Life 2.

But, since the first title in the franchise has come out in 1998 and the last part of Half-Life 2 rolled out in 2007, it would be about time for a Half-Life 3, as a sequel to the previous title, to hit the shelves. Nonetheless, Valve has many variants to expand the storyline of the game, so that wouldn’t be a problem for the company.

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