GBWhatsApp is a Good Alternative when you are Looking for a Customizable Messaging Platform

There isn’t a smartphone user who hasn’t heard about WhatsApp in the world. Ever since 2014, when it was created by Facebook, this communication method spread around the Earth with the speed of sound. Recently, it received updates and now users can enjoy features like stories similar to those spread on Snapchat or video calling.

Good functionality and modern features turned over 1.5 billion people into monthly WhatsApp users. As good as a communication mean might be, the channel can have some limitations due to geographical boundaries or other inconveniences.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is not so versatile, so it can’t be customized according to every user’s wish. Here is where GBWhatsApp steps in. This app was developed by GBMods with the purpose of offering people a viable alternative to the channel created by Facebook.

GBWhatsApp comes with a lot of cool features

GBWhatsApp is based on WhatsApp Plus. This is a mod that allows the customization of appearance and features. Besides, reliable sources say that it is legal, therefore people should use it as much as they want.

GBWhatsApp has features like:

  • It can support two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone without limiting access or functionality to any of them. Users can easily juggle between the two accounts;
  • It distinguishes between message categories: regular or collective;
  • The user’s status is extended to 250 characters;
  • A message can contain 50 images at once;
  • The videos sent through this app can have a maximum of 30MB;
  • Users have the possibility to disable calls for certain contacts;
  • Various languages are supported;
  • It facilitates the WhatsApp’s customization by using mods like Widgets, Conversation screen, Lock, Open log, Pop-up notifications or Chat screen.

If you want to discover more features, you’ll have to download the app and see what else it holds. You shouldn’t have any problem during the APK’s download and install process. Both activities are easy and you’ll receive instructions all the way.

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