Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads Raised Criticism – Capcom Came Out With A Reply

The Japanese company Capcom has recently been criticized for its advertising policy regarding Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. For example, among other things, Fight Money was given away with the in-game Street Fighter 5 ads, and there have been some other elements that have not pleased the community as the introduction of other advertising techniques even on stages or in the appearance of the characters. What do the Japanese think about it? Capcom came up to respond to the criticism.

About Street Fighter 5: Arcade Mode

Leaving aside their indisputable competitive virtues, many players felt the need to compete in a safer environment away from online, hence the widespread complaints about Street Fighter 5 centered on the absence of classic modes such as arcade. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is set to roll out on January 16th with an arcade mode, as the name implies.

As Capcom has explained on its official website, it will offer an extensive arcade mode that will include 200 different endgames (although it seems that some of them are illustrations of the game that must be accessed by meeting specific requirements) and six alternative paths, one for each numbered chapter of Street Fighter. Depending on the chosen way, we will fight against the rivals that appeared in their respective delivery.

Capcom Replied To The Criticism On Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads

“We value and thank the community for the feedback they are giving us on our new Sponsored Content features that we have added to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition this week,” they explain on the official Twitter account, replicating a message from Yoshinori Ono himself, the producer of the Street Fighter saga.

“We will continue to gather everyone’s feedback to consider how we can improve this feature for players in the future,” they added on Twitter, although, for now, they qualify that there is no intention to remove this advertising strategy from the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

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