Google Chrome To Block Websites’ Ability To Lock The “Back” Button

It has happened to all of us to reach on a suspicious site, full of ads and unwanted content, from which we cannot go to the previous page, no matter how many times we press the “back” button. Luckily, Google Chrome is now working on a method to block websites’ ability to lock the “back” button, a way that would allow us to escape from dodgy sites with a single click on the respective button.

Many low-profile websites use this method, called “history manipulation,” to keep visitors on the respective page no matter of how many times the users are clicking on the “back” button in their browsers. The “history manipulation” technique is inserting┬ámultiple dummy pages into the browser’s history not to permit users to exit the site.

Since 2016, Google Chrome devs have been focusing on this problem, trying to come up with a reliable solution to tackle this issue.

Google Chrome To Block Websites’ Ability To Lock The “Back” Button

Luckily, Google Chrome is now close to releasing a solution to the “history manipulation” issues.┬áThe method Google Chrome devs want to implement would “read” the browsing history and, whenever it finds a site that employs the “history manipulation” technique, it would allow users to get back to the previous page by skipping the dummy pages the suspicious site inserted.

The new update would come to complement the recently released features that improved the security within Google Chrome.

“Lately, Chrome has been implementing features to protect users from shady behavior on the web, such as warning users when they might possibly fall into a phone billing subscription scam, and shaming websites that aren’t using HTTPS,” reported Mashable, the popular tech news portal, which also added that, according to a Google spokesperson, the new function would be a “part of the company’s ongoing work to stop navigation hijacking.”

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