Change Your Server On ShowBox In No Time

ShowBox is that amazing app that allows you to watch all of your shows and movies for free. It’s kind of hard to find another app that’s as good, considering all the streams and torrents to choose from. It’s very easy to install it, and its interface is user-friendly. However, from time to time, it can have some bugs, and that can be annoying.

You won’t get any kind of warning, and your preferred served can just break – and you won’t be able to see what happens next in the movie or episode. You get disconnected, and that’s about it — we kind of get why, since ShowBox has no official support, which means that things like this might happen most often than not.

We’re here to tell you how to change servers

From the Main Menu, click on Movies, and then select the movie that you are watching. Next in line after the screen resolution choices, should be those three dots with More options. Click on it. You’ll see a current server displayed. You can select one of the other choices. In some of the cases, you’ll only see Torrents available, and this means that you’ll have to download a video to continue watching.

How to fix the possible errors?

The fact that this app is very popular of its kind, it’s very likely it has errors. If for any reason, the team behind the app did not solve the issues, then you might want to get a VPN – mostly because it allows you to have access to information and protected data, that have been stored on a private network by using a public one. It will mask your IP address, and you’ll get a new one, depending on your region. The reason why your server is not populating is that you might not have the “correct” region and you’re restricted from seeing your movies or tv shows.

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