Clash of Clans Winter Update – The Most Important Things You Should Know

Since the winter is already here for some time, Clash of Clans players might have noticed the seasonal content that appeared last week in the game, but what are the most important additions?

We’ve browsed through the long patch notes and picked the changes you should keep in mind.

Clash of Clans Winter Update

The winter update came out on 10 December, and just two days after it, Clash of Clans introduced another update to add some balancing after the feedback they received from players.

Apart for the “Seasonal Clashmas” content in the loading screen, and in-game, like the holiday music, seasonal obstacles and the snow effects (which you can turn off in the Settings menu), there is a new troop, a new spell, and a lot more goodies.

The Ice Golem, The Bat Spell and the Stone Slammer

The Ice Golem is a Dark Elixir Troop that can be unlocked at Town Hall 11 after you update the Dark Barracks to level 8.

The Bat Spell is a Dark Elixir Spell that will release an army of angry bats to attack the enemy defenses. In the Balance changes, the army has been reduced compared to the day of release.

The Stone Slammer is a TH12 Siege Machine that will cause splash damage by dropping boulders from the sky. In the Balancing changes, it has received more power against Walls. Its HP has been reduced on level 2 and 3, but it does get the job done – the walls adjacent to the building targeted by the Stone Slammer will be destroyed, no matter what their level is.

Magic Items

You might have noticed in the shop the Shovel of Obstacles and the Hero Potion. Use the Shovel to move an obstacle on your village and use the potion to gain Hero +5 levels over your Town Hall level.

You can also upgrade the Dark Barracks to level 8, the Dark Spell Factory to level 5, and the Siege Workshop to level 3. The Siege Workshop level 3 will let you store simultaneously 3 Siege Machines in queue and 3 as available.

The Home Village Changes

There are also some changes to the Home Village, such as extra War Layout slots. You can change to Grand Warden mode during battle before deployment and also change the Siege Machine/Clan Castle choice as soon as the battle begins – again, before deploying units.

The good news is that now the League Medals that you have in excess will transform in Gems – 10 medals for a gem.

The winter update also came with a new achievement – to sign in your Supercell ID account, which is awesome if you also play Brawl Stars – you get rewards for signing in!

Last but not least, the update also introduced a few more balance changes in the builder base and bug fixes.

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