iPhone 2019 Models – Here’s Everything We Know About The Future iPhone 11 Lineup

Although iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR rolled out just a few months ago, rumors about the upcoming iPhone 2019 models have started to come out online. Even though we have nothing official from Apple about iPhone 11 lineup, here’s everything we know about it, according to recent leaks and rumors.

TouchID Might Return To iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 2019 models could bring back one of the most popular features of previous models, and which was widely claimed by its users. According to Patently Apple, the company has filed a patent detailing the return of Touch ID, and how it would work along with Face ID on the future iPhone 11 devices.

However, the new Touch ID will be different from what iPhone users have seen before.

iPhone 2019 Models Might Boast Three Cameras On The Back

In May, Taiwanese Daily News reported that the iPhone 2019 models would come out with three cameras, each sensor boasting 12 megapixels, meaning a variety of possible additional camera features, such as higher level of details and better zoom mode, among others.

Apple Would Also Release One LCD iPhone 11 Model

According to ETNews, some anonymous sources stated that the company already opted for OLED technology for its iPhone 11 lineup which would consist of three models.

More recently, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, suggested that there will still be one LCD iPhone model in 2019, which would probably be the cheapest of the iPhone 2019 models.

USB-C To Finally Reach iPhone and iPad Models Next Year

On the other hand, as previous rumors stated, iPhone 2019 models would finally come out with a USB-C port. Also, according to DigiTimes, Apple is redesigning the chargers for its next generation of iPhone and iPad devices. By incorporating the USB-C interface into its iPhone 11 models, Apple would completely abandon its Lightning connector.

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