Moto G6 Gets Android Pie beta With New Improvements and Fixes

Official smartphone OEM have to pass through a series of stages and tests before they are made available for the general public. In some cases users have the option to test a beta version of the OS via a closed beta release channel while most companies decide to only release public beta builds.

Motorola prefers to offer users the chance to sign-up for close betas and those that are lucky enough will receive a beta build of the OS for testing. In some cases generous users will share the download link (even more so if it is not a one-time download link) so others can download and try the beta too.

This is what happened with the latest closed beta for the Moto G6. An XDA forums user found the link that led to a leaked beta version of the future Android Pie update planned for the device. Those that are curios can easily follow the official thread in order to acquire and install the update.

Before you decide to update there are a few steps that have to be taken in order to prevent unwanted consequences later.

Charge your device

Ideally, it should be fully charged or have at least 75% battery level.  If the smartphone has a low battery it may close during the update and your device may become bricked.

Back-up your data

While updates should usually work fine there is always the risk that something may go wrong and losing all the data saved on your device is not a pleasurable experience. You can back-up your data via a variety of online solutions or even use the old but reliable method of making a back-up copy on your PC.

Run a specific version of Oreo

It appears that the update won’t install unless your device runs a particular version of Oreo, namely the OPSS27.82.87.3 firmware which seems to be the latest version available.

The link to download the file and a step-by-step guide can be easily found on the internet.

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