New Nvidia GeForce Card Leaked – What Will The GeForce MX250 Bring In Terms of Performance?

Until now, the popular card for laptop users has been the Nvidia Geforce MX150. It was definitely the best solution over the old Maxwell based 940MX and was an alternative to the Pascal-based GT 1030.

The MX150 performed good in many games, and it was not just reliable, but also cheaper than others. However, it needed a successor, and we just found out that it is in the works!

The Nvidia graphics needed to be updated, since the only ones that would be worth to check out were the high-end Max-Qs. And this is where the website Videocardz comes with some great news and proof of a leaked detail…

New Graphic Card Details Leaked: The NVIDIA GeForce MX250

It seems that Nvidia is working on an MX250, which should replace the entry-level MX150. The leaks posted by the site also revealed an image with specs of a new Notebook from HP – Zhan 66 Pro 14 G2, which contains the graphics card:

According to the image, the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 will come with 2GB GDDR5, the same configuration found in MX150.

We cannot yet say whether the MX250 will have a Pascal GPU architecture or a Turing GPU architecture just by looking at the specs of the Notebook. However, according to Videocardz, the TU107 and TU108 GPUs are already being developed, so there should also be entry-level options as well. The high-end and mainstream chips like the previous Turing cards – the TU102, TU104, and TU106 have already been introduced, so this means Nvidia should be moving to build budget friendly and entry-level chips as well.

The good news is that the leaked information is very close to CES 2019 when we will probably learn the official news from Nvidia if they plan to add these at the GeForce lineup. Until then, we can only hope it is all good news!

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