Fallout 76 Update Came Out This Week With Bug Fixes And Improvements

Bethesda is trying to make Fallout 76 better since the title has been a disaster since its launch in November 2018. The studio released a first-day update, but that did not please the fans, so the company thought to release several more patches to fix bugs, bring improvements, and make the game better, overall. Now, Bethesda rolled out another Fallout 76 update and, in the patch notes, we find that it came out with bug fixes and many improvements.

This week’s Fallout 76 patch is a minor one, and it addresses several issues on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, as well. Accordingly, Bethesda finally tackled the¬†PC-specific bug that crashed the game on many occasions when players clicked on “Exit To Desktop” option.

According to Bethesda, they “fixed a setting that was left in a debug state which could allow out of date clients to connect, breaking gameplay.” Besides, the studio added Korean language support for all the version of the game but also fixed some other bugs.

Fallout 76 Patch Notes



  • Korean language support has been added to Fallout 76.
  • This was added to console versions of the game on December 18.
  • PC players who have their language set to Korean will see an increased download size of a few hundred megabytes today.

Bug Fixes

Stability and Performance

  • PC: Addressed an issue that could cause the game client to crash after selecting Exit to Desktop.
  • PC: Fixed a setting that was left in a debug state. That could allow out of date clients to connect, breaking gameplay.


  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow items to be duplicated.
  • Weapons: Addressed an issue that could prevent high-damage and explosive weapons from dealing damage to enemies, or cause enemies to heal immediately after taking damage.

In conclusion, the new Fallout 76 update focused mostly on bug fixes, improvement in stability and performance, as well as in tackling some exploits in the game.

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