The Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Is It Going to Be Available for PS4?

We’ve all heard of Final Fantasy 7. We know that is one of the most iconic series of games, and there’s really no need for an introduction. The story shows a battle between Shinra Corporation (the corrupt one) and Avalanche, which is the eco-tourist organization that’s rebellious as well. Shinra wants to destroy the planet to make their aim happen.

They changed visuals

It seems that the graphics are entirely new and that everything has been done from zero. They didn’t just change the resolution, but the game also makes you feel like it’s been done nowadays, even if the original idea came out two decades ago. The remake is HD, so the visuals are more practical than they were before.

It’s also available in PS4

Square Enix has made an announcement, and the game is going to come to PS4 first, even if there’s no other saying that the game will be compatible with other systems. The company behind the game has brought it to different platforms in the past, such as Xbox.

It’s going to be released in episodes

There will be different episodes, but the company doesn’t really want to see it this way, as they’re saying that it’s a multi-part series. They didn’t want to design just another remake, so they decided to do it differently than others. Also, players can now explore different areas of Midgar, a thing that was not possible in the original game. However, we don’t have many details about this, like how many parts or when are they going to be released. We have no confirmation yet.

News about the team

Company Square Enix has started to work on this project by getting the help of CyberConnect2 (he was the one to work on the content that’s online now). However, Square Enix canceled that contract and the new developer is Naoki Hamaguchi.

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