Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 Patch Brings “A Requiem For Heroes” – The “Blue Mages” To Follow

The first part of the conclusion of this summer’s Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers expansion pack is going to launch on January 8th as the Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 patch dubbed as “A Requiem For Heroes.” One week later, on January 15th, we’ll receive a new addition in the game, under the form of Blue Mages which will debut as the game’s first limited class.

Blue Mages To Come To Final Fantasy XIV One Week After The 4.5 Update

Blue Mages represent one of the most sought-after professions in Final Fantasy XIV, wildly requested by players of the famous franchise. Finally, Blue Mages will make their debut in January 2019.

Leveling a Blue Mage would be something players must achieve by their own by accomplishing missions in which they’ll have to find monsters and absorb their powers and strength to grow. Once a player raises a Blue Mage to level 50, the class’ first cap, the gamer will still have to solve a series of tasks as part of The Masked Carnivale, that until the next update.

Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 Patch Brings “A Requiem For Heroes”

As mentioned above, Blue Mages won’t make their debut in Final Fantasy XIV before the launch of the launch of the Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 “A Requiem For Heroes” patch. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of things to do in the meantime. As the Stormblood storyline is almost completed, the FFXIV 4.5 update would venture gamers halfway to its end.

Besides, the Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 patch would come out with the following:

  • New Instanced Dungeon – The Ghimlyt Dark;
  • Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid Dungeon – The Orbonne Monastery;
  • New Custom Deliveries – Crafter and Gatherer-focused questlines;
  • Gold Saucer Update – New GATE, “Air Force One;” New minigame, “Doman Mahjong”;
  • New Minions, Hairstyles, Emotes, and Mounts

Check out below the official trailer of the Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 “A Requiem For Heroes” patch:

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