World of Warcraft is Changing the Storyline With Its New Patch

If you are a World of Warcraft player, you know for sure that deaths do not count. Playing with Forsaken is the easiest way to get killed or fighting against the Lich King or Argus the Unmaker.

However, the leader of the Forsaken, Sylvanas Windrunner has now become the Horde’s Warchief, so it tends to get more attention now. While Sylvanas was ruling, she set on fire the capital city Night Elves, took over the village Kul Tirann but she also raised many people from dead. So her abilities to be Warchef are questionable but for sure it changes the story.

If you have been to the Horde War Campaign, you should know by now that a human rose from dead it will now be the same. For example, Thomas Zelling who chose to be undead in order to protect his family now is facing rage and resentment.

In the Patch 8.1 expand, King Rastakhan will be killed by the Alliance, in the new Siege, Derek Proudmoore will be rose from dead by Sylvanas as a comeback response and she will try to kill the Proudmoores. A leak of audios suggests that Derek is screaming as he is tortured by Sylvanas so he will help her with her killing Proudmoore plan.

Horde champions will be sent by Sylvanas, in Patch 8.1, to Darkshore, the Night Elves will come back to life, but in order to do so the Alliance players have to rub salt to the wound. The Val’kyr is killed by the Night Warrior, Tyrande Whisperwind which is now an avatar of Elune’s Vengeance as well. But before any of this, two major important characters need to be raised from the dead, Delaryn Summermoon and Sira Moonwarden, the Night Elf characters. So we know for a fact that these to Night Elf characters want to come back to life, since you cannot raise a Night Elf without his will or he will attack you.

So knowing that Delaryn Summermoon was in the summer event, War of the Thorns, was the Alliance quest giver and fought against Sylvanas and Sira Moonwarden has been a Night Elf quest giver as well since the Cataclysm it is pretty weird how the game will change if they come back to life.

Once they are back alive they will swear allegiance to the Forsaken and fight against the Night Elves. The Forsaken are people who were brought back to life without their permission by a war machine and all they wanted was to live alone and in peace on their land but they have been haunted since they came back by other allies.

So we will see many changes in the storyline and unexpected plot twisted in alliances in the new Patch 8.1.

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