Clash of Clans: Why Don’t You Win Attacks?

We’ve all played Clash of Clans and let us say that it’s not cute when you lose attacks and you have no idea why. We’ve written this article to show you what are the common mistakes you probably do, that lead to you losing the attacks.

You’re scouting your competition wrong

When you choose a competition, and you’re doing it wrong, it’s a clear thing that you won’t win your attacks.

You’re in the wrong League

Sometimes you push the Troops as far as you can, and in those cases you get too high, and the opponents are just too good. If you want to keep pushing the Titan League when having TH8, it’s just not going to work out. And because you’re not maxed out, there’s really no reason for you to stay too high in Leagues. And if you’re aiming for higher League Bonus, it’s not going to help if you’re not able to win your attacks.

What killer base have you chosen?

When it comes to the troop setup, you should always keep in mind the kind of base, and the defense to kill the attacks. Is it Hog Riders you use to attack? Then it’s not a good idea to choose Multi-Target Inferno Tower. Also, mass Dragon attacks are not an option when someone has maxed Air Defenses near the core and also has maxed Air Sweeper.

Traps everywhere

Does anyone ever like surprises when an attack happens? Probably not, but it’s happening and there are many traps. If you have a target in mind, keep looking for traps, because there probably are some. Also, there might be some heavy Trap usage when you want to attack “Souther Teaser” bases.

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