iOS 13: Release Date & Features with Siri Improvements

iOS 13 is the next major update for Apple’s operating system, which will hit the market in 2019. If you’re asking yourself what the changes that the update will come with are, we’re here to tell you that we have the answer.

When is it going to be released?

We have a predictable schedule. In June 2019, Apple announced iOS 13. after the demo, we’ll see a beta preview version, made for developers. In July 2019, the public beta version is out, available for those who sign up for it. In August 2019, some updates for beta appear. In September 2019, the final, public version of the operating system is out. Then, they will continue adding updates for iOS 13, then they will release smaller point updates, like iOS 13.1 in 2019 and 2020.

What are the new features?

It’s been said that many planned features were pushed back from updates for iOS 12 to iOS 13. The codename for the 2019 update is “Yukon”. It’s been said that Files will get a revamp, we’ll get tabs in different apps, two screens of the same app (which will be side by side), and some updates for Apple Pencil, too. There’s also a discussion about the redesign of the home screen, for iPad.

Siri gets improved

For iOS 12, it got many important updates, including the Siri shortcuts. According to some rumors, a future update will allow Siri to help you get a way to personalize the response to a call that you cannot take at the moment. It can automatically send a text message to the person who calls you, telling him or her the reason why you cannot be reached.

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