Atlas Launched and It Is More Disappointing than Fallout 76

The team at Grapeshot Games have finally launched Atlas, but it became apparent that it’s more disappointing than Fallout 76. Many players called Atlas the reskin of Ark: Survival Evolved, and others say it’s a DLC for it. How can you get an anticipated game to be messier than Fallout 76 which is the biggest disappointment in 2018 – and just in these last days before 2019?

It started with the delay of the launch, and when Grapeshot Games finally launched it, the login screen was an obstacle players encountered. Then, the unoptimized game runs very poorly and whoever gets to play it, learns about the game: it is a reskin of Ark, and it’s not just an impression, players discovered a hidden menu in the game that showed Atlas was a DLC for ARK.

This is why the games are so similar. They are the same game, and Grapeshot was fair to release Atlas at the price of an expansion pack – at £23.79 / €24,99 / $24,99.

Because Atlas was released as a separate game and not an expansion for ARK, Grapeshot bypasses the Season Pass and players must pay extra for it. But this option and many other factors we mentioned before could hurt the profits altogether.

Atlas’ Steam Ratings Dropped

In just a few hours, the positive reviews on Steam kept dropping to 23% and will most likely continue to do so. So far, nobody thought that a game would beat Bethesda with their Fallout 76, but it seems Atlas has done it.

It makes sense to expect an amazing experience while playing in an open-world pirate MMO, but the great fanfare on Twitter, Twitch and the excitement soon wore off when players couldn’t even launch or enjoy the game with the lags.

Weirdly enough, just five days before it was launched, it was one of the Steam games in most of the users’ wishlists! We hope everything is fixed so that players can enjoy their holidays and be able to play Atlas.

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