Best Software To Create Awesome VFX Effects on Your PC

Nowadays, computer graphics has become so advanced that anyone can start creating 3D artwork at home. From computer games, modeling creations to 3D presentations, everything can be improved thanks to modern graphics and cool features.

3D animation can be used in every area. The online environment provides us a lot of examples on what we can do with this process: games, movies, marketing campaigns and many more. In this case, we cannot blame those who want to unleash their creativity and introduce good-looking and useful 3D animations.

Specialized software can help us create amazing VFX effects right on our home computer

In the tech era computers can be used for almost everything. In our case, you don’t have to be a professional graphics designer for creating amazing animations in the privacy of your own home. Some great visual effects software will guide you through the process.

  1. Maya from Autodesk – this is a complete tool dedicated to the creation of 3D animations, simulations and rendering software. This tool is useful when you want to create a character from scratch or edit a creation in the most professional way;
  2. 3DS Max – this is another tool developed by Autodesk. It comes with a more user-friendly interface than Maya. Even beginners can successfully use it for creating more complex 3D models. The software has a lot of useful features that support the creation and editing of outstanding projects;
  3. Blender – this tool is more suitable for people who have some experience, but beginners can learn to use it fast because there are a lot of online tutorials that teach you how to create animations, 3D pipe-line models, simulations and many more.

To this list we can add Houdini and RealFlow. All the tools that can be used for creating VFX effects have similar features, but differences make them special. Learn more about each of them and decide which one you are willing to try.

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