Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Screen Sizes Leaked

If you were keeping an eye on the rumors on the future Samsung smartphones, then you know what to expect to see in February from the Galaxy S10. However, there was one thing you didn’t know – and that was the size of the screen. The 10th Galaxy S phone will come with exciting features since it marks the 10th anniversary. The phone will come with an Infinity-O screen and in four versions across the world. One of the versions will come with 5G sometime in the first half of 2019.

Samsung Galaxy SS10 and Galaxy Note 10 Screen Sizes Leaked

According to a leak, these are the following screen sizes for the S10 versions:

Galaxy SS10 Lite: 5.75 inches

Galaxy S10 S10: 6.11 inches

Galaxy S10+: 6.44 inches

Galaxy S10 5G version: 6.66 inches

Galaxy Note 10: 6.75 inches

Ice Universe, a Samsung insider, has been posted many details on the unreleased device and recently listed the sizes for the future S10 and Note ten versions.

The Galaxy S10 has the same size in this leak compared to the previous leaks – only that they were a little more rounded – from 5.75 inches to 5.8 inches and so on.

According to Ice Universe’s last leak, Galaxy Note 10 had a 6,66-inch screen which was later adjusted by Samsung to have 6.75 inches. As always, every year, the new Note smartphone will be bigger than the Galaxy S version of that year. Lately, the Note has not had any other features than a larger screen, making people wonder why the series do not merge.

For now, there are not many details about the Galaxy Note 10, but we are sure that the line will not be discontinued.

According to a recent report, the Galaxy S10 phones will be unveiled on 20 February. Sometime in August, the Note 10 will also be unveiled if Samsung keeps their regular launch schedule for their smartphones.

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