Vidmate and Videoder Are The Most Popular Apps Worldwide

There’s no secret anymore that Vidmate is a top-rated video downloader, worldwide. However, it seems that Videoder is getting closer to Vidmate, at least in India. According to some statistics, Vidmate and Videoder are the most popular video downloaders in India, and there are some solid reasons why is that happening.

Vidmate is appreciated by people worldwide

Undoubtedly, if I were to make a top of the most appreciated video downloaders in the world, Vidmate would be #1. And that’s because it comes with some fascinating features, stability, and high downloading speed. Plus, it permits users to take down videos from all the major sites and streaming services. Thus, with Vidmate, we can download vids from Facebook, DailyMotion, Instagram, Vimeo, and so on, as the list would be too long to put it here entirely.

Now, as Indians are big fans of watching and downloading free movies, Vidmate is a must-have across India. Besides, there is also Vidmate India version that permits Indians to download Bollywood movies.

Videoder is also very popular worldwide

Besides Vidmate, there are several other video downloaders available on Android platforms – Tubemate, Snaptube. However, Videoder is coming from behind to take those famous video downloaders by storm. Videoder boasts multiple cool features, while it is compatible with virtually any vids site or streaming platform.

As in the case of Vidmate, Videoder can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and so on.

Videoder, along with Vidmate, is one of the most popular video downloaders in India also because it is the brainchild of three Indian developers. Besides, Videoder allows users to download music in MP3 format, another feature that makes it popular among Android users.

In the end, remember that both Vidmate and Videoder are not available on Google Play Store, so to enjoy these two video downloaders you’ll have to install them from APK.

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