Clash of Clans: Updates We Would Like To See In 2019

The Clash of Clans sensation is far from being over. The game continues to gain more and more fans, despite the fact that it was released six years ago. Supercell constantly releases new updates that keep our interest peaked.

Most importantly, developers take into account the feedback they receive from players before they come up with an update. This year has been an exciting one for Clash of Clans, and there were plenty of new additions. Here are a couple of things that we hope to see next year.

More than one gem mine

The gem mine was one of the nicest things we received in the game recently. They offer everyone a chance to win some gems, including people who are not willing to spend real money in the game. In 2019 we would like a chance to purchase a second gem mine. At the moment you can only get a gem or two every day, which is a low amount of gems.

Quests on a daily basis

Sure, Clash of Clans does have its quests, but it would be even nicer to see multiple small ones on a daily basis. They could come with their own results and a feature like this would definitely motivate players to log in on a daily basis.

Have versus battles in the main village as well

When the Builders Base was introduced, players also received versus battles. They are a new way of attacking your opponents. You can’t lose elixir or gold, only trophies. Most importantly, there is only one winner, the person who deals the most damage.

These battles are definitely interesting and we would love to see them in the main village as well. Obviously, integrating such a feature could have its difficulties, but it is not impossible. Developers would need to make sure that matchmaking leads to fair battles.

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