iPhone 11 to Get a Unique 3D Camera Sensor Made By Sony

We’ve heard that iPhone 11 might come with a next-generation 3D camera sensor, manufactured by Sony.

According to some sources, Apple wants these sensors, as well as many other tech giants, and they’re supposed to power the front and the rear-facing cameras. These sources also say that Sony makes the sensors in mass production, in order to meet the requirements of the smartphone makers.

Should Apple use these sensors?

The real question here is if Apple should really be among those customers. iPhone 11 can make the most out of an improved Face ID recognition, just as much as it would do out of better depth effects. There’s also the possibility of creating 3D models, which can improve augmented reality gaming.

In an interview, the head of Sony’s sensor division said that cameras were a big thing for phones, and the expectations for 3D are really big. It may vary, because of the field, but we are definitely going to see some 3D. He said he’s certain of it and that people should get excited, too.

He has also stated that the 3D tech is quite different than the structured light modules that are usually used in gadgets like iPhone X from Apple, in order to create the Face ID system.

How does Sony make accurate 3D models?

The sensor from Sony is able to make accurate 3D models, by using a method called ‘time of flight’. With this method, it sends out lasers from the sensor, and record how much times it takes to bounce back. It’s been said that it works best at distances of 5 meters. It’s good to know that the 3D solution from Sony requires only one camera on the front and one on the rear.

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