Downloading YouTube Videos In a Legal Way

When it comes to YouTube, the most popular video streaming platform in the world, many users complain only about one single issue – the impossibility to download videos or to watch YouTube videos offline. Why isn’t that possible, it’s easy to figure out, and it has to do with Google’s policies regarding copyright content. However, downloading YouTube videos in a legal way is not impossible, and here is how to do that.

Downloading YouTube Videos In a Legal Way

First, we want to tell you that we agree with Google regarding copyright material and the download, use, and reproduction of copyright content, so we’ll not promote downloading YouTube videos for illegal purposes.

The thing is that, despite what the majority of us thinks, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that anyone can download for free without infringing creators’ copyright.

While most of the videos on Google’s most famous video streaming platforms are under Standard YouTube License, there is a lot of content operating under a Creative Commons license. That means you can download those videos freely and legally.

Many of the content creators under the Creative Commons license place download links in their videos’ descriptions for everyone to easily download the videos. However, others don’t, so you’ll have to use a video downloader.

We recommend you use 4K Video Downloader for downloading YouTube videos in a legal way.

Subscribe To YouTube Premium To Legally Watch YouTube Videos Offline

YouTube Premium, formerly known as Red, is the safest, fastest, and 100 percent legal way to download or watch YouTube videos offline.

But, in contrast to the standard version of YouTube, YouTube Premium costs about $10 per month, but you’ll get a better, ad-free YouTube experience.

Besides, YouTube Premium is allowing its subscribers to access YouTube Originals and YouTube Music Premium, while it’s also supporting background play, the most sought-after feature for the standard YouTube app for mobiles.

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