Famous Leaker Ice Universe Shows Radical Samsung Galaxy S10+

We should expect the Galaxy S10 to come with a major redesign and a major price, but this leak from Ice Universe shows why the next flagship from Samsung should be worth the money.

After delivering new info on the Galaxy S10 Lite, the mystery insider Ice Universe revealed that the flagship Galaxy S10+ would be the one that pushes design boundaries. In a video, Ice Universe shows that he has obtained the official Samsung Galaxy S10+ cases. Here is his post on Twitter:

“Can the Samsung Galaxy S10+ case accommodate Note9? look here.”

The S10+ should have a display that goes up to 6.7-inches, but the case shows that it could come with a chassis which is not any larger than Galaxy Note 9’s – which is 6.44-inch. How will Samsung make the S10+ display bigger? By making even tinier bezels!

We’ll Have a Headphone Jack!

In his video, Ice Universe shows that the Galaxy S10+ will come with a triple lens camera system (primary, wide-angle and 2x optical zoom) arranged horizontally. The best thing about the cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is that they come with a hole for the headphone jack! Who knew we would get this excited about a basic feature?

Based on the leaks provide by Ice Universe so far, the information is exciting, considering that he has successfully leaked the final designs of the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XR – a long time before being released.

What we now learned about the Galaxy S10+ and the previous info about the ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the display, and the punch-hole display – the 2020 iPhone design will have a great competitor.

Samsung will soon release their new devices, and then you will have time to decide whether you want to go for the Galaxy S10 Lite – which is much cheaper – or the flagship Galaxy S10 Plus.

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