Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters for Beginners

If you are a new player in the world of Smash Bros Ultimate but you don’t know what to play, we got you covered. We chose five characters from more than the 70 in Smash Ultimate which are perfect for beginners and easy to play with.


We all know Pikachu is famous all over the world, but in Smash Bros Ultimate, he is also one of the best characters. He usually gets at the top of the tier lists and for a good reason. He is swift, powerful and great for close up fights or fighting from a distance. You’ll see he is a little too quick for you as a beginner but has excellent recovery abilities that will convince you to pick him. Plus, he’s available right from the start of the game.

Donkey Kong

You can get him right from the beginning, and if you’re into big characters, Donkey Kong is one of them. His hits are hard, and he can incapacitate the enemies that are close to him with his Down-B.


A beginner will usually choose a character that can stay safely away from enemies and kill them from a distance. Pit’s arrows will keep enemies away, but he also has a shield and a sword for close-up combat that are easy to wield. He also has great recovery moves and is very fast. Although he is not the strongest player in the game, he is perfect for a beginner.


While he isn’t one of the best characters in the game, Kirby is easy to play with and has exciting moves. Choose him if you want to learn the in-game mechanics.


What we like at Marth/Lucina is that they’re easy to play and learn the game. They have basic moves but with significant damage. Marth can be unlocked if you play Classic Mode as Yoshi and then Lucario. Lucina will take a while until you unlock.

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