Here Are the Best 3 Alternatives to Clash of Clans

This game is one of the most played games on mobile phones ever since it was first released. Right now, in 2019, it’s still as famous as it was then. After its success, many other games, just like Clash of Clans, started to appear.

We’ve written this article to give you those alternatives for Clash of Clans.

 Clash Royale

 This one comes from the team behind Clash of Clans, and it has a very different gameplay. It’s about 1v1 or 2v2 real-time battles that take place with other players. You can build your own deck, challenge friends and form clans, or you can simply work together with other players to unlock clan chests. It focuses mode on duels, and not so much on building fortresses.

 Lords Mobile

 This one is an RPG strategy mobile game, in which you can play against other players in order to save your castle and win the game. There’s a guild system that you need to join, considering that these games are so fun, especially if you’re part of a community. Just like in Clash of Clans, you are able to train your army and fight with your opponents. You have a castle to defend. You also have war heroes and kings and they have special skills. You might want to recruit them for battle.

 Age of Empires: Castle Siege

 This one is very similar to Clash of Clans, but there’s one thing that’s different about it: it happens in the medieval era. You have different civilizations to choose from, for example Rus, Teutons, Britons or Kievan. You have to upgrade the things you have and improve the defenses against all the outside forces. You have an army to train and you can attack other cities and use them against your opponents.

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